After begging a lot in Europe, I realized that winter is coming and nobody will kidnap me so got an idea. I would like to set up an online store (sorry, I won’t specify in public what kind of items I want to sell, there is big enough competition on the market). I would like to note that I am not joining to any MLM network, I really found some product that is not widely available in my environment and I want to distribute it.

Please help me out with €500 (~ $680), this is the lowest budget I could plan for opening my business, and I think that I’ll be able to earn profit after 2-3 months. When I succeed, I will pay back.. If anyone is interested, I can outline the details of the budget.

This is really my last cry for help. Anyway, some statistics: 293 views all-time and 7 clicks on Donate button. I have received exactly $0. Maybe this time..


Hello! My name is Worthless Nobody.

I was born into a vicious circle, in the captivity of corruption.
I don’t have a place where to sleep. I don’t have enough money to eat regularly.
I can’t have a normal job because of the BIG corruption and the lack of higher level education.

So I’ve asked myself: what options do I have? Let’s see:

My first option is that I find a job on the black market for about $100/month – sorry, I don’t take the risks for an old song.
Second option is that I travel somewhere else from this junkyard and start studying one of the two things I like, Computer Science (networking, security issues, Linux, BSD, etc.) or Art. But wait! For doing that I need money. Without money, this option is also eliminated. 😦
Okay. What the hell can I do now? To educate myself, I need money. To raise money, I need education. That is a vicious circle. There is no escape.

Because of my good breeding (I was born to a christian family), I won’t be a murderer, I won’t rob a bank.
Dignity of the human being – I’m carrying that with myself too, so I will not palm myself off as mentally retarded to win a free place at a sanatorium.
However I look at it, there is only one more option left. At a sunny day I will end my life. I can’t stand this catch-22 anymore. Adversity every day.
That’s the reason of this blog’s existence: as a last chance I give the opportunity to the Internet to save my life. Maybe somebody will press that Donate button on the top……..

Goodbye, Earth!